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Huntington, NY – Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) officials will again be communicating in the pits with Perf2Way Perf2Wayradios after an agreement with Frankford, Delaware based Performance2Way Racing Communications, again the official 2-Way Radio provider for the growing quarter mile Pro Mod Series. They sell superior products and 2nd to none customer service.

To show their appreciation to Association Members, Performance2Way is offering discounts to all NEOPMA teams! Call 1-302-841-9609 or email at info@performance2way.comfor more details.

“Performance2Way Racing Communications has been there for our teams, and the teams support our sponsors. Performance2Way Racing Communications had accessories at the tracks waiting for the drivers on more than one occasion, and with their cost effective solutions providing clear communications is what the teams are looking for. Also communicating with event staff is essential to providing the fans with a properly executed event. There is so much happening in the pits, and to keep things organized and on time requires good communication, and Performance2Way provides us excellent equipment to accomplish this”, states John Mazzorana, Association President.

For more information on Performace2Way, visit , call 1-302-841-9609 or email at


Desparado 2 Man SystemYou wanted the best here it is at a price that the competition cant beat.Nothing beats the ALL NEW DESPERADO 2 MAN SYSTEM.This system has been put together to out last, out perform and just plain kick the butt out of the competition.Power ,performance and reliability is what you get with the all new DESPERADO 2 Man system !!!

This is The Tuffest system in Racing Communications !! For the driver: Compact HYT 610 5 watt radio Drop in radio charger Double shield 3C car harness P2W Ultra thin speakers Easy install helmet kit with flex boom M200 DNC extreme mic Positive touch push to talk ABS radio mounting box 6″1/4 wave unity gain long range antenna Shielded NMO coax cable BNC external antenna adaptor For the crew: Compact HYT 5 watt radio Drop in radio charger High noise Crew Chief headset Tough headset coil cord. Click for more information


Frankford , DE – We are looking for few good folks who’d like to become Performance 2 Way Dealers.  Give us a call of email us here

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